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the cash giveaway may happen

once a day or up to 24 times a day

nobody has to buy or pay

anything to play




you do not have

permission to enter if you

are not of legal adult age

at least 18 years old

are in a part of the world

where viewing adult content

and adult controversial content

and adult sexual content is

offensive to you

or illegal by the community

standards of that city, state or

country where you intend

on viewing this content

we are world wide

to leave

click here


you must e-mail us to let us

know you want to play at


put cash in the subject line

(we do send e-mail notifications daily

about the time and show of the giveaway

unless you ask us not to in your e-mail)


tell us the city & state your in

and your phone number

so we can call you if we

randomly draw our e-mail

you must be a United States

resident to win

you must be at least 18 years old

with government or equivalent

picture id

you must answer our one call

you must know the phrase that pays

you win $100 cash

we do not send any e-mail

notifications or updates

unless you request them in your e-mail



the cash giveaway will

be aired on one of

World Wide TV Network

shows at random and at random times

we do tell you which show

on the top of this page



the cash giveaway

is void where prohibited



we don't give or sell

any of your information

about you to anyone ever

all your information will be

stored off line



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